Howling Wrath is the first official release of STORMWOLF.
Based in Genoa, Italy, the five-piece band fronted by singer Elena Ventura delivers a wan-ton “old school” devastation where serrated and catchy riffs, bursting guitar solos, pounding&fast rhythm section blend all together with the powerful, melodic and blues tainted voice of the singer, unleashing an unique, “straight-to-your-face” yet never trivial musical assault.

While there is clearly a common thread between the nine songs (plus two bonus track paying homage to the great Lizzy Borden!) included on the record, every single song came in it’s own with a distinct, specific personality.
So, here we are, eager to deliver ultimate Metal assault right to your ears.
Play it LOUD and let the Stormwolf roam free!


The band was founded in December 2014, starting as a studio-project, by Francesco Natale (guitarist and main composer) and Elena Ventura (singer), pursuing form the start the clear objective to melt the typical, classic Heavy Metal sound with the powerfully melodic and deeply “blues tainted” vocal approach of the singer.

The line-up is completed by Francesco Gaetani (bass guitar), Dave “The Brave” Passarelli (guitar), and the new entry Tiziana “Titti” Cotella (drums&percussions).

In June 2015 Stormwolf released a self-produced demo on digipak, “Swordwind”, destined only to labels, radio, fanzines etc etc, which received excellent reviews both in Italy and abroad.

Due to enthusiastic critics response, we decided to deliver our music live, so we filled the line-up with a second, essential guitar and performed intense live activity during 2016, earning the uncommon honours to play as opening act to Lacuna Coil and Necrodeath, undisputed pioneers of italian Death Metal.
In 2017, having finally set rhythm section after some line-up changes, we started writing some new songs for our first official release, which will be published in 2018 under Red Cat Records, our label based in Florence.

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Heavy Metal


Lead&Backing vocals: Elena Ventura Lead&Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals: Dave "The Brave" Passarelli Lead&Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals: Francesco Natale Bass Guitar: Francesco Gaetani Drums&Percussions: Tiziana "Titti" Cotella